Women’s Self-Defense Seminar


Sunday, April 14    
10:00 AM

Event Type

Sisterhood’s Self Defense Seminar

For women of all ages

10:00 AM – NOON
Temple Beth El

Join the Sisterhood of Temple Beth El for a two-hour seminar on women’s self-defense taught by Captain Jen Miles of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. This seminar will explain and demonstrate the protective tactics and measures any women can use in the face of a dangerous situation. This is an opportunity to enhance our awareness and empower our responses. Learn how three words, “No, get away!” can protect you. Become familiar with the defense tools we have with us at all times, including our voice, hands, legs, and brain. Explore different scenarios and learn about your options: You are being followed, Someone is in your home, Someone wants your car (car keys) and someone else is in the car (adult, child).

Captain Miles has been with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office close to 20 years, and teaching this Women’s Self Defense for close to 10 years, and is certified in RAD-systems basic self defense.

  • Learn to use these three words, “no, get away!” 
  • Your voice, hands, legs, and brain are defense tools
  • What to do if you are being followed

$10 Donation

Space is limited – contact Nicole Jahr for details at .