Temple Beth El is a Reform Jewish congregation which…

  • Is a caring and welcoming community.
  • Is a beacon of Jewish values, culture and ethnic mores.
  • Offers a spiritual environment, providing a sense of transcendence
  • Practices Kavana.
  • Fosters and strengthens personal and congregational identification with Judaism.
  • Recognizes and practices Reform Judaism as a means by which to make “knowledgeable choices” with regard to our religious practices.
  • Is a source of dependable continuity of the Jewish community.
  • Has a commitment to the welfare of Jews in Israel and throughout the world.
  • Promotes unity with other religions through greater cooperation and understanding.

A place…

  • To share joy and sadness, as an extended family for social, cultural and religious gathering, for members of all ages.
  • To seek support, respite, prayer and peace.
  • A sanctuary that is alive with activity centered in Judaism of lifelong learning for all family members.
Temple Beth El

Temple Beth El

7400 Telegraph Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
(248) 851-1100|support@tbeonline.org