The Readers Club


Sunday, November 5    
10:30 AM

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The Readers Club 100th Anniversary

Sunday, November 5th

10:30 AM

Join us in celebrating the centenary of The Readers Club, an enduring program within the TBE Religious School!

The Readers Club was founded during the school year of 1921/1922 by Irwin Hamburger, who was also a Sunday School teacher. He held a deep belief in the transformative power of written words and sought to instill a lifelong passion for reading in his students. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of engaging with books by Jewish authors and exploring Jewish subjects, and thus, The Readers Club was conceived.

This commemorative event not only honors the memory of Irwin Hamburger but also recognizes his enduring contributions to our temple. It’s worth noting that Billy Wiseman, his grandson, represents the fifth generation of devoted members within our illustrious Temple. His Great-Grandfather was instrumental in redefining the bylaws that continue to guide our community to this day.

We warmly invite you to be part of this special dedication to Irwin Hamburger, a remarkable forefather of Temple Beth El


This event is open to the entire congregation and anyone who wishes to pay their respects to Irwin Hamburger’s unwavering commitment and devotion to our temple and community.