MASA – Guiding Your Jewish Journey

The Prentis Education Program for Grades K-12

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Deborah Morosohk, RJE, Director of Education or 248.325.9708

Ilene Stone, Education Assistant or 248.865.0612.

MASA – Guiding Your Jewish Journey

After much discussion, we decided to call our programs for grades K-12 Masa. Masa is the Hebrew word for journey, and it captures the essence of what we are striving for.  Every Jew is on a journey exploring how best to engage in Jewish living and we will be our students’ guides along the way.

So, beginning in Fall 2018, instead of Religious School, our families will wake up on Sunday mornings to attend Masa, and our teens will come on Monday evenings for Masa Teens.  

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Temple Beth El 
Temple Beth El is a place for our children and their families to learn about Judaism and experience its many joys.  We make that happen with talented and enthusiastic educators who bring quality Jewish experiences to you and your children.

Masa Program – Winter/Spring 2021 (5781)

Our Masa programs for this semester will include two tracks.

Students can participate in Track 1 or Track 2 or both:

Mazel Tov to our MASA Graduating Class of 2020/5780

Mazel Tov to our MASA Confirmation Class



Track 1: Online Learning Program

We'll be continuing to use our Lab'riut curriculum written specifically to be taught online during the challenging times we are living through. Students will be online Sunday mornings for a half hour of t’filah (services) and a half hour of sharing and learning with a small class on zoom. In addition, students will have activities and challenges they can do at home and share with their class the next week.


January 10th - May 2nd  (No Masa on Feb. 14th, March 28th, and April 4th)

9:30 - 10:30 am


Track 2: In-Person Workshops

In the spring, we will offer in-person programs on Sunday afternoons. These will focus on holidays and other Judaic topics. They will include t’filah, hands-on projects and opportunities to connect with temple friends in meaningful ways. 1:00 sessions are meant for students in primary grades; 2:45 sessions are for students in the intermediate grades.


Spring Dates: 1:00 or 2:45 pm

March 14 and 21

April 11, 18, and 25

May 2


For Everyone in Either Track 1 or Track 2:

  • Weekly Specialist Presentations on Facebook Live (Music and Library)

  • For 5th and 6th Graders: B’nai Mitzvah Club – B'nai Mitzvah Club groups continue on

  • from the fall semester into the winter and spring. No need to reregister. (B’nai Mitzvah Club is

  • billed separately under the Bar/Bat Mitzvah program)


K-6 Masa Tuition Rates for January - May:

Track 1 -  $ 250

Track 2 -  $ 180

Track 1 and Track 2  -  $ 360      





Track 1: Online Learning Program

An engaging curriculum written specifically to be experienced online focusing on issues in social justice. Students will be online Sundays 10:45 – 11:45 am. We will view videos which will include frontline speakers, engaging media, idea-sharing, and achievable action plans. We will also discuss Jewish texts and teachings which apply to the monthly theme and follow through on action plans that put our learning into practice.


January 10th - April 25th (No Masa Teens on Feb. 14th, March 28th and April 4th)


Track 2: In-Person Workshops

In the spring, we will offer in-person programs. These will focus on holidays and community service and include hands-on projects and opportunities to connect with temple friends in meaningful ways.


Spring Dates: Fridays 5:00 - 6:30

7th and 8th Grades:

March 19th

April 9th

April 23rd

May 7th


9th - 12th Grades:

March 26th

April 16th

April 30th

May 14th


Masa Teens Tuition Rates for January - May:

Track 1 -  $ 200

Track 2 -   $ 120

Track 1 and Track 2  -  $ 250