End Of Life Hotline

Andy Broder

Andy Broder graduated from the

University of Michigan Law School in

1973 and has extensive experience in

the areas of estate planning and endof-

life decision making. He personally

litigated the principal "right-to-die"

cases in Michigan and has distinguished

himself as a leading voice for

the right to medical self-determination

at all levels of Michigan's legal

system, including a brief he filed before

the Michigan Supreme Court that

received the 1996 Thomas M. Cooley

Law Review Distinguished Brief Award

for excellence in appellate advocacy.

Mr. Broder received the Michigan Super

Lawyer designation in each of the

past two years, presented an "End of

Life Decision Making" seminar at the

University of Michigan Law School,

and annually prepares a chapter on

the same subject for the Institute of

Continuing Legal Education.

Mike Paletta

Michael Paletta MD FAAHPM is Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer for Hospice of Michigan, a national leader and among the largest non-profit providers, caring for 5,000 patients annually.  Trained in internal medicine and geriatrics, Dr. Paletta devoted his practice to end of life care in the late 1990s and has served HOM in a variety of roles since.  He provides oversight and direction for the HOM executive team and sets policy and practice standards for palliative physicians and advance practice nurses.  His corporate responsibilities also include pharmacy and therapeutics management, quality and compliance programs, and the ethics committee.  Dr. Paletta is a decorated combat veteran and has a particular interest in the special end-of-life needs of military veterans and their families.  Dr. Paletta has earned board certification in internal medicine, geriatrics, and hospice and palliative medicine. He is active in state and national hospice associations, and was elected Fellow of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. 

In the Spring of 2015, Temple hosted a 5-session program that allowed participants to explore the legal, medical, ethical, and religious aspects of End of Life decision-making. It was the brainchild of Andy Broder, a Temple member who has spent much of his legal career helping people address these complex and emotional issues. Hundreds of people turned out, seeking advice and expertise for themselves or their loved ones.


Since then, Rabbi Miller and Andy have been working on a practical way to make these tools and guidance accessible to our Temple members on an ongoing basis. As a result, we have established a confidential “End of Life Hotline” so that you or your loved ones can find caring and professional answers to the questions you may have about these vital decisions.

Contact the hotline by calling 248-325-9701 or emailing eol@tbeonline.org

Your inquiry will be received confidentially by Rachel Rudman, Director of Member Relations, who will then connect you with the most appropriate expert for your specific question. Our team includes Andy Broder, an attorney who specializes in End of Life issues; leading doctors and nurses from the Hospice of Michigan; and our own Temple clergy.


The End-of-Life Hotline at Temple Beth El is intended to provide users with basic legal, medical and ethical (and religious) information about a variety of matters which individuals and their families may confront when facing difficult end-of-life decisions.  The information provided to users of the hotline and TBE website is not intended to take the place of legal or medical advice which users have obtained, or should obtain, from their own lawyers and doctors.  To the extent members of the TBE End-of-Life Hotline team respond to your inquiries or provide information on TBE’s website, no attorney-client or physician-client relationship is created between the user and any of the team members.  By using the Hotline or any of the information provided on the TBE website, users expressly agree to the above terms.

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