Goodsearch is a simple way to make a difference -- each time you search the web (though Yahoo!-powered Goodsearch), shop online (at the 2,800+ stores on Goodshop), we'll make a donation to your favorite cause. We know you have limited time and money and we've created our products to make giving back easy.

Goodsearch is a community of passionate people -- it's a group of more than 15 million people who together are helping their favorite causes through simple everyday actions. So far, we've raised over $11 million for more than 100,000 non-profits and schools through over a billion charitable actions. We'd be excited to have you join us to simply do good.

Goodsearch is a way to feel good--We all feel good when we do something to make the world better. At Goodsearch, we feel great when each year we get tens of thousands of letters telling us stories about how we've helped find cures for diseases, purchased needed school supplies for students, sheltered the homeless and saved the lives of countless animals. Through using Goodsearch, you will feel great and feel celebrated each time you make a difference with your daily actions.

Where does the money come from? There are more details below but in essence, Goodsearch was founded on the socially responsible principles of companies such as Ben and Jerry's, The Body Shop and Tom’s Shoes; for-profit companies like us that donate a significant portion of their top-line revenue or profits to support causes.

How do I start raising money for my non-profit or school with Goodsearch?

  • Visit and select a cause from the hundred thousand participating organizations or click hereto apply for your favorite cause to be listed.

  • Create a user profile that will allow you to keep track of your individual amount raised.

  • Use the search box on our homepage or download a Good To-Go add-on to search the Internet just like you normally would, with the added bonus that you are earning a donation for virtually every search.


How do I make Goodsearch my homepage?


Internet Explorer

  1. Go to Tools and select Internet Options

  2. Select the General Tab

  3. Paste as the homepage and click OK



  1. Go to Tools and select Options (Windows users) OR select Preferences on Firefox (Mac users)

  2. Select the General Tab

  3. Paste as the homepage and click OK



  1. Go to Safari and select Preferences

  2. Select the General tab

  3. Paste as the homepage and click OK



  1. Go to the upper right hand corner of the screen and click on the Tools Icon

  2. Select Settings

  3. Under the On Startup section, choose Set Pages

  4. Add to the URL box and click close

Temple Beth El
7400 Telegraph Road
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48301