Beth El Memorial Park 

So that those whose memories we

cherish may rest in peace surrounded

by beauty forever.


28120 Six Mile, between Inkster & Middlebelt Roads

Cemetery Office 734-421-5680    Temple Office 248-851-1100

Sunday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Closed on Saturday, Jewish Holidays and National Holidays

(Open Memorial Day)

Beth El Memorial Park

Based on updated guidance from the State of Michigan, and in consultation with both medical experts and many partners in the community, we have revised our current response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Effective immediately …


BEMP will remain open for funerals under the following conditions:


  1. Funerals may have 25 people present.
    in accordance with the new statement from the Michigan Board of Rabbis

  2. All persons must wear a mask at all times, and maintain recommended social distancing.

  3. All gatherings will conform to any legal restrictions imposed by the State of Michigan.


BEMP will now open on a limited basis for regular visitation under the following conditions:


  1. We will be open for visitation every day (except for Saturday) as opposed to just on Sundays.
    Open from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

  2. All visitors must wear a mask at all times, and maintain recommended social distancing.

  3. Visitors must stay away from any funerals that are in progress.

  4. Bathrooms will be unavailable.


Our cemetery staff will be available to help with any issues at the cemetery on a limited basis. And as always, please direct any questions or concerns about our policies contact Joe Winter at 248.865.0606.

The need we can’t dismiss

Jewish tradition dictates that we acknowledge the inevitable and meet our responsibility with dignity and care.  There is no better time than the present to respect this obligation, to make the decision of where your family burial place will be.

Peace of mind in

meaningful ways

Because the choice is an eternal one, your care in selecting Beth El Memorial Park will be evident.  Consider that Perpetual Care of every site is included in the remarkablyreasonable cost.  Suitable arrangements can be made if extended payments are requested.

Beauty & Serenity now...

and for always

In a gracious setting of large, matured trees, gracefully curving, paved roadways wind through thirty acres of meticulously groomed landscape.  This beautiful setting is undeniably ideal as a place of eternal rest.

The comfort of knowing

“It’s taken care of”

Once you have made your decision, you will know the satisfaction of having done the proper will have fulfilled a major obligation in the best possible way, and relieved your family of the burden of this decision.

Beth El Memorial Park is ideally located near Detroit’s northwestern suburbs, on Six Mile Road, one-half mile east of Middlebelt Road.  Excellent selections of locations are presently available.  

All markers are uniform throughout to maintain the beauty of the Memorial park. The park was created by Temple Beth El in 1939, and has been beautifully sustained ever since.  It is open every weekday and Sunday (closed Saturday and Holidays). 

For more than 160 years, the Reform cemeteries of choice, meeting our responsibility with the highest respect for the decedent and the family.



Beth El Memorial Park, dedicated in 1939, is located at 28120 Six Mile Road, Livonia.

Lafayette Street Cemetery, formerly Champlain Street Cemetery, established in 1846. Part of Elmwood Cemetery, it is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Michigan. Seldomed used by 1950’s, it is an inactive historical cemetery, registered as an historical site with the State of Michigan.

Woodmere Cemetery which is located in Detroit. Beth El owns two sections purchased in 1873 and 1915.

Harmoreau Cemetery, (Westwood), Beth El’s most recently acquired responsibility, formerly served a conservative constituency. 

       Beth El maintains grounds and graves. Burial is provided for members of the Jewish faith.

Located on Michigan Avenue in Inkster, Michigan.

Beth El Memorial Park’s Cemetery Board provides services to the community at Beth El Memorial Park and Woodmere Cemetery

       It serves members of the Jewish community and their Jewish and non-Jewish spouses.

All cemeteries are active and can provide services to the Jewish community. Genealogical information is available through the

Beth El Memorial Park Cemetery records and the Rabbi Leo M. Franklin Archives of Temple Beth El.


Services include: 

Choice of plot sites 

Traditional burials, as well as cremation burials 

Perpetual care (Summer and/or Winter) 

Marker, Monument and Burial vault sales 

Pre-need interment packages


Constituent Congregations: 
Temple Beth El 
Joseph Winter 
7400 Telegraph Rd. , Bloomfield Hills, 248.851.1100

Temple Emanu-El 
Abigail Goldfaden
14450 W. Ten Mile Rd., Oak Park



Temple Shir Shalom 
Brian Fishman
3999 Walnut Lake Rd., West Bloomfield, 248.737.8700


Temple Israel 
David Tisdale/Sandy Stocker 
5725 Walnut Lake Rd., West Bloomfield, 248.661.5700

Temple Kol Ami 
Larry Pepper 
5085 Walnut Lake Rd., West Bloomfield, 248.661.0040


Birmingham Temple 
Ann Marie Fisher 
28611 W. 12 Mile Rd., Farmington Hills, 248.477.1410

Pre-need Packages 

Perpetual Care Flowers, Interment, Marker, Vault, Foundation (Add winter blanket perpetual care to Package "A" )


(No perpetual care flowers or blankets) Interment, Marker, Vault, Foundation


Interment Only
(Burial Vault can be added to Package "C")


If you need further information or are interested in purchasing a Marker or Pre-need package, 

please contact Joe Winter at 313.300.2122, for current prices or please complete the form below.