Brotherhood Brochure – 2020-21 

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Brotherhood Membership Form – 2020-21 Fiscal Year

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The Brotherhood of Temple Beth El, established in 1919, was one of the first brotherhoods in the country. In 1923 we helped found the National Federation of Temple Brotherhoods.

July 31, 2020

Dear Brotherhood Member or Prospective Member,

We hope that you are successfully adapting to these unusual times.  Over its 100 year history, Brotherhood has continually adjusted to changing conditions.  This year, for the first time, we are emailing our annual dues request to you.  You will not receive a mailing through the post office. 

As you know, the coronavirus has also interrupted our planned Brotherhood activities during the past four months.  Many events have been postponed or cancelled including our remaining Sunday morning breakfasts and speakers, as well as our Brotherhood Centennial celebrations. However, we look forward to resuming our regular schedule of events as soon as possible.

You may download (see above) our special Brotherhood 100th anniversary brochure, which we created to tell you about the objectives and activities of today’s Brotherhood.  We urge you to join Brotherhood or renew your membership this year as we conclude our centennial year in December and begin our second century.

Despite the cancellation of several Brotherhood programs listed in the brochure, the following general categories will undoubtedly be continued in the future: arranging outings for Temple members to cultural, sports and social events; participating in outreach activities with local charities and religious organizations; and running events for our members and their families.  Brotherhood members receive discounts for most of the events which are open to the congregation at large. 

Brotherhood also advances all sorts of Temple activities financially or with manpower.  Highlights include preparing our very popular, hot breakfasts every Sunday that religious school is in session; contributing for the benefit of our youth and the Temple library, and fielding a team to compete in the men’s inter-congregational softball league.

Brotherhood’s mission is to support the Temple, its members and the community.  Your dues will play a vital role in making our community a better place through Brotherhood. 

A separate Membership Form is available to download (see above) for you to mail with your dues payment.  Please email any questions or suggestions to me at



Mark Schonberger

Brotherhood President

The founders of Temple Beth El Men’s Club sought a way for men to become more active in congregational life, while enhancing camaraderie and enriching the social and cultural life of members. The concept was an immediate success from the very first project held in December 1919.

The Men’s Club rapidly grew to over 800 members. Its members over the years offered support to existing Temple programs, routinely created new programs where there was a need, built fraternal bonds, and provided a pool of volunteers for the congregation ranging from ushers to those visiting the homes of the bereaved. This vibrant and dynamic group existed for the next 60 years until the social forces of the late 20th century began to take their toll. Traditional male roles changed both within and without the congregation. Many no longer perceived the pivotal position played by Brotherhood and saw Brotherhood membership as a less valued asset in their lives. Temple members often found ways outside the congregation to express their interests and concerns.

The Temple Beth El Brotherhood of the 21st century has treated these challenges as obstacles to overcome. We have expanded membership to the entire community. Our programs are open to all – not just Brotherhood members. Brotherhood has formed linkages to other synagogues and faith communities for purposes of joint action to address social ills. We have attempted to convert Brotherhood to an organization of action and one of leadership, while being cognizant of our 94-year commitment to Temple Beth El, the Reform Movement, and Detroit’s Jewish community. Brotherhood no longer tries to fit members into “little boxes,” but seeks to have each member express the person’s interests and meet the person’s concerns. Our goal is to make Brotherhood a value added component in the lives of each of its members. 

Proposed Brotherhood Slate 2020-2021

President: Mark Schonberger
Vice President: Lenny Beigler

Acting Recording Secretary : 

Mark Schonberger
Corresponding Secretary: Julian Prince
Treasurer: Bruce Jacob
Immediate Past President: Bruce Plisner


Directors: Jerry Beigler, Josh Cohen,

Brian Gurwin, Steven Kaplan,

Frank Mabry, Craig Matichuk,

Larry Warren, Marc Zupmore

Temple Beth El
7400 Telegraph Road
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48301